Spice Up Your Life 

The Cape Cod Chile Shop is a specialty hot sauce cart located in the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Its collection of sauces and spices can be purchased in the mall seven days a week, or shipped directly to your home. Those looking for a little fire in their diet have become regular customers of this unique store.

Something Spicy for Everyone

Hot sauce comes in dozens of different flavors, brands and most importantly -- hot levels. According to owner Scott Romkey, "We carry over 250 varieties of hot sauces, BBQ sauces and other Chile pepper related items. Before computerizing, I didn't have a handle on which products were my best sellers and which were wasting space. Cash Register Express tracks every sale of every item. It helps me determine which products to order so I always have what my customers are looking for."

Exactly What I Need

Scott did his homework when looking for a system. "I was looking for a system that tracked my inventory and was easy to use. I'm happy that I chose Cash Register Express, it's an incredible program that does exactly what I need." When asked about support and service, Scott replied, "When you pair an incredible POS program with great customer support, you have a win-win situation."



If you should decide to take a most needed vacation down on Cape Cod then please stop by the Air-Conditioned Mall and say hello!

 Mention PC AMERICA and receive 10% off your entire order. Hope to see you soon and Keep it Alive by Keeping it HOT.......

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