Hampton Bays, NY

"We feel that we have one of the most complex restaurants in the industry, with pizza, restaurant, takeout, catering, delivery, and counter service. Restaurant Pro Express has passed the test. We feel if it can make it here it can make it anywhere" -- Frank Genovas, Owner

Wander the Streets of Southern Italy

Boccacini Restaurant is located in the heart of Hampton Bays, New York, an affluent area of Long Island frequently visited by celebrities. Walking into Boccacini is like wandering into the streets of southern Italy, with full wall murals, old-style lamp posts and garden greenery. The food is no different, with the delicious pasta, fresh mozzarella and delicate desserts being the favorites. If you're hungry for a delicious meal, Boccacini's location in the King Kullen Supermarket Shopping center, next to Starbucks coffee, makes it easy to find.

"Easier then MICROS"

The opening day of a restaurant rarely goes according to plan. The owner of Boccacini Restaurant, Frank Genovas, knew that it was best to open the doors with a restaurant point-of-sale system installed. "Many of our employees had worked in other restaurants in the past; some experienced with cash registers and some with other point-of-sale systems. The waiters and waitresses had an easy time learning Restaurant Pro Express, placing orders and printing checks in no time. The servers picked up the system in a few minutes. I asked my servers, who had used other systems in the past, what other systems they had used and which was better. Most of them had used MICROS. Everyone said that Restaurant Pro Express is easier, and better, then MICROS."

Dine In or On the Run

Italy has a reputation for being a bit more relaxed than New York. Boccacini Restaurant has an area for patrons to relax in a genuine atmosphere, while sharing food with good friends. It also has take-out service available, so you can order at the counter, grab your food and run. You can even call in your order ahead of time. Frank noted that, "Most programs can be set up to run well for either table service, or take-out. Restaurant Pro Express lets you do both in the same restaurant. Each station can have its own unique settings, so one station can default to fine dining, and the second station can prompt you if the order is to stay, to go or for delivery. "Our point of sale worked out great. RPE knows that the dining room terminals are always to stay. The people at the counter are prompted to choose what kind of order each one is. I've seen other programs where the cashiers have to remember to specify "to go" -- often they forget, which creates confusion in the kitchen. Restaurant Pro prompts every time, so the cashier always asks and the kitchen always knows what to do with the food."

Swipes for Security

Restaurant Pro Express allows you to set dozens of permissions for each employee. For each function, you can specify if an employee can perform it, can not perform it, or can with a manager's permission. According to Frank, "The best benefit of the swipes is security. All servers have to swipe their cards at the point-of-sale terminal before they can place an order, so we know who did what. A manager or an owner can use his card to authorize credits, refunds, returns or voids -- eliminating the possibility of theft." A lot goes on inside a restaurant, and the owners of Boccacini Restaurant knew they needed a good point-of-sale system to help them keep on top of things. Frank is happy with his choice. "Restaurant Pro Express has passed the test."


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