Daily Planner 

Day-Timers, Inc., one of the leading providers of time management and organizational solutions, offers more than 100 paper-based systems and computer and Internet-based products for business, school, and home use. Since their beginning in 1947, the company has empowered its customers with the necessary skills and tools to manage time and cope with information and change. Day-Timers is a pioneer in the field of time management and provides the tools for people in all walks of life to dramatically increase their personal effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Because the company realizes that change is the only constant in life, Day-Timers has always responded to the needs of its customers, creating new products to meet their changing lifestyles.

Consistent Time Tracking 

Over fifty-years ago, Day-Timers invented a system to manage your time and stay organized. One important element of their methods is consistency; their customers choose the planning pages that will work for them, and usually re-order the same one year after year. Using a computerized cash register has helped Day-Timers be sure they are providing the same customer with the same planner. Cash Register Express keeps track of what each customer purchases, which can be easily recalled when the customer returns to your store. According to store manager Janet Zambo, "We are glad for the customer profiles that we have set up for each customer. This enables us to keep track of what the customers purchase for future reference. CRE shows us what the person selected the last time they were here, and we can make sure to find them the same if they request it."

Accurate Inventory 

As with any store, the Day-Timers outlet runs sales on their products. Cash Register Express provides dozens of different sale options that can be pre-set, so no manual intervention is necessary by the cashier at the point of sale. Janet notes that, "With our old system, running a sale wasn't very easy. We had to create a second item that sold at the sale price, and rely on the cashiers to ring up the sale item instead of the original. CRE makes it much easier, allowing us to set up sale prices that automatically turn on and off within a date range. In CRE, The inventory listing is very creative and we have been able to change pricing and promotions without creating a new product number. This helps to eliminate duplication of inventory and mislabeling." To ensure accuracy at check-out, Day-Timers prints their labels from Bar Code Express.

Happy Times 

Customer service is the number one priority at PC America. Day-Timers occasionally has questions with their Cash Register Express System, ranging from how to use a feature to troubleshooting a problem they are encountering. PC America's support staff is always willing to help, providing professional and reliable support via phone, fax, e-mail, and even online through live chat. In a recent letter, Janet expressed her gratitude for the support she has gotten. "We would like to thank you for the prompt support we receive when we call from Day-Timers Outlet Store with problems or concerns. We use the software program daily and when we have a concern, having the computer down is not an option. It is refreshing to be able to call and get the help needed at the time of the problem." The world is fast changing, and as new challenges arise in the economy, retailers are devising new ways to keep customers interested in shopping in their stores. Cash Register Express is constantly being updated to provide new features that automate these ideas. "When we have called for support on new features, they have been very patient and walked us through every step to ensure that we were doing things correctly."

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