Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Delicious Food in a Busy City

Incorporated in June 18th, 1957, The City of Industry is devoted to the business community, providing a well-organized center for industry and commerce of all types. Edokko, a busy Japanese restaurant that features a well stocked sushi bar, feeds the hard working men and women in the area. On the weekend, Edokko attracts a family crowd with healthy appetites.

I Order What They Order

An all you can eat sushi buffet isn't easy to resist. Some choose it for the speed, others for the variety, but regardless of their reasons, more than half of the diners at Edokko make the buffet their meal. Owner Walden Lima notes that "I order what they order. If my customers are taking mostly spicy tuna rolls from the buffet, I better order more tuna and not more salmon! I used to put equal amounts of everything out. The reports in Restaurant Pro Express show me that some rolls go faster during the week, others over the weekend."

 My Customers Work Hard

Families on the weekend can usually enjoy a leisurely meal. The same can't be said for busy workers during the week. "Speed is key. My customers work hard and often can't spend more then a half hour for lunch. I've seen other restaurants where the wait-staff struggles with their system -- over a minute to place an order, over ten seconds to get a receipt. With a busy crowd, that time adds up quick. My staff can place an order in seconds and printing a check is almost instant!"

Menus Made Easy

Like most restaurants, Walden changes his specials often to keep customers interested. “One of the best features of RPE is the flexibility. We have certain items that are always on our menu, accompanied by specials that change daily. With Restaurant Pro Express, it’s simple to create and change items as needed.”

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