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October 24, 2002

Dear PC America,

I would like to thank you for the years of hard work and great service! Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro have helped develop our business into so much more. CRE2000/RPE2000 is the most versatile point of sale software package I have ever used or have ever had the opportunity to demo. As you know with our hybrid business it was very difficult to find a software package that could accomplish what we needed done. Most companies tried selling us a suite of software that had to be used separately. The problem with that is that those programs don't talk to each other and there ends up being a lot more work involved and often times you end up duplicating data entries. We both know how time consuming and expensive data entry can get. To have one program integrate every aspect of our business from inventory tracking, customer tracking, retail sales, hospitality sales, rental sales, to handling our employees hours and wages, well it has just been terrific.
Customer service and tech support is so crucial in business today. If a business owner is looking at upgrading to a computerized point of sale system they need to understand how important it is to have that support there and ready. This has been an area where PC America has excelled. Not only with direct problem solving, but listening to customers needs and developing new/innovative features. We have rarely seen a company that comes out with as many updates in one year as you have. I can truly see the hard work you put into your software both in development as well as support.

I am excited to see what kinds of new features and innovations are in store for Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express. Please keep up the hard work and the best of luck to your company. I thank you in advance for your determination and effort in such a large market; you definitely have the leading edge.


Joshua L Gilleland C.E.O.
JT Cigarro, LLC