Lighthouse Liquor

Premium Wine & Liquors

Lighthouse Wine & Spirits is a liquor store located in Colorado Springs. The owners opened the store in 1997 and since then have been offering a wide selection of wines, liquors, beers and cigars. Its sister store, Cheyenne Trail Liquors, has been carrying the same merchandise under the same owners since 1994.

Vacations OUTSIDE the Store

A person can only be in one place at any given time. As owners of two stores, Dan and Patricia  Butler work very hard to keep their customers happy. They also need their time away for family and fun. According to Dan, "Cash Register Express is one of the most reliable and stable systems I have seen on the market. I can leave for a few hours, or for a couple of weeks, with confidence that the system will run without flaw."

High Spirits

New Years, your friend's birthday, a romantic dinner and a night watching the game with your friends all have one thing in common; People like to have a drink or two in social situations. If a customer walks into your liquor store and finds out their favorite drink is out of stock, they may not be very happy. According to Dan, "With so many brands and varieties, it's very tedious -- and fairly inaccurate -- to take inventory and make sure you order everything you need. Cash Register Express gives you real time stock levels, allowing me to order more accurately and take a physical inventory less often."

Good Relationships

Dan and Patricia are long standing users of Cash Register Express. Not only did they like the program on the first day it was installed, they also like the changes that have been made since then. Their suggestions, along with the input of countless other store owners, have helped fuel the development of hundreds of new features that businesses find useful. Dan happily comments, "This is the first company I have purchased software from that actually asks for input from their users and make revisions in the program within months and sometimes as little time as weeks."

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