An Experience, Not Just a Restaurant

Natives Restaurant and Theatre is a busy Colombian restaurant in the Queens borough of New York City. 70 tables, a newly renovated bar and a 400 seat theater help make Natives the most frequented restaurant in the area. Its creative menu and delicious desserts make it a choice for families during the day. The stylish looks and Latin American beats attract a huge night crowd. Known to be an experience, not just a restaurant, Natives is always packed to capacity.


A System Designed Just for Me

Viewing her color-coordinated menu with pride, Natives owner Maritza Quintero describes Restaurant Pro Express as "a system designed just for me. I put the buttons where it is fastest for MY restaurant. The menu and buttons are in Spanish to make it easy for the wait staff."

Using the "Touch Screen Configuration" features of Restaurant Pro Express, restaurant owners like Maritza can design the screen for their restaurant, not for a generic establishment. Maritza uses a quick button for empanadas, spicy beef patties, that every patron starts off with. She uses another for employee discounts, to make sure her wait staff is well fed.


Servers Trained in One Minute. Customers Out the Door in 45.

Restaurant Pro Express is easy to use. It's also easy to work with. When asked how long it takes to train a new staff member, Maritza smiled and shared how her "servers are trained in one minute. I have all my beef entrees colored as red buttons. Chicken dishes in yellow, pork in white and seafood in blue. Everything is alphabetized within those colors. Knowing this, a new server can use the system immediately. I love it and they love it!"

Friendly staff and delicious food aren't the only goals of Natives Restaurant. "Our customers have learned to expect fast service. Busy people come through our doors at all hours, they want to be served fast. Not to mention the huge crowds that all want a table. We needed a fast, easy and reliable system to help us move our customers through. PC America brought that to us."


Round the Clock Business, Round the Clock Support

While most of us are sleeping, the chefs at Natives are pushing out countless dishes per hour. When the dessert crowd starts to fizzle, the late night crowd pours in for a night of food, drinks and fun. The early morning breakfast crowd follows on their heels, ready for a quick bite to eat before work. Maritza was looking for "a company and a product to make my life easier. If a waiter knocks loose a printer cable at 3 AM on a busy Saturday night, the manager calls PC America -- not me. They support us around the clock."


Computerizing Pays Off

The goal of PC America is to provide our customers with a complete solution so that their business operates easily and efficiently.  Natives Restaurant owners Martiza and Consuelo Quintero have found that computerizing has made their lives easier, has helped them serve their customers faster and has saved them money due to the efficiency it provides.  The end result... Happy customers!


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