All your Communication Needs

Oh Communications, Inc. is a chain of stores offering various interpersonal products and sevices. They have six locations spread throughout the Queens borough of New York City. Each store provides a convenient communications hub that is open seven days a week, allowing you to keep in touch whenever you need to.


A Dozen Businesses Under Each Roof 

People communicate in countless ways. Oh Communications offers cell phones and service, mail boxes, phone cards, shipping, utility and credit card bill payment and many more services. They even perform money transfers that can reach anywhere in the world within ten minutes. According to chain owner Oscar Russi, "Different areas require different services. It's a huge help to know which services sell best in which stores. We used to use cash registers in all of our stores, which generated huge amounts of paperwork to keep track of what we sell. Cash Register Express generates this information in one simple report. I use that information to determine which stores should advertise which services, helping raise the sales of each of my stores."


A Half-Dozen Stores Under my Roof

Oscar owns six stores and needs to know what's going on at each of them. "I can't visit all of my stores every day. Between researching new products and helping my managers, the days fly by. I'd like to know what is going on at each branch, without having to stop by all the time." The Cash Register Express Host Module allows Oscar to view the sales, stock levels, time clock results and all other information for each store. The host can then be used to make price changes, inventory additions and purchase orders to be sent to each of the stores.


Many Employees, Few Minutes of Training

Learning the specifics of a dozen different types of products and services is a lot for a new employee to absorb. "It takes hours for a new staff member to learn the details of what we sell. I needed my point of sale system to have lots of features, but I didn't want it to double my training time. Cash Register Express is very straight forward, the cashiers pick it up in a matter of minutes." The easy-to-use interface and speedy checkout features of Cash Register Express help ensure that you will never have a long wait at Oh Communications.


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