One 2 One Cellular Ltd
Seven Retail Outlets throughout Ireland

Communications Throughout Ireland

One2One Cellular is a chain of seven cellular phone stores spread throughout the southeast area of Ireland. They offer the latest selection of cell phones, as well as a variety of services and accessories. Their dedicated service and top of the line phones can be found in retail outlets in Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Dungarvan, Clonmel and New Ross.

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Cellular phone stores face some complicated inventory issues that not every store encounters. Every phone has its own cellular phone number, and the store needs to track where the phone came from and who purchased it. One 2 One needed a point of sale system that allowed them to not only track stock levels, but to provide trace-ability on the phones. According to Liam Whelan, the managing director of One 2 One Cellular Ltd, "CRE enables the immediate recall of information regarding IMEI/Serial Numbers for mobile phone handsets. This is ideal for warranty and proof of purchase issues for our customers." The inventory tracking features, combined with the customer database that Cash Register Express holds, "allows One 2 One to steadily build up an effective customer database, so for efficiency with repeat sales, we now have customer information right at our fingertips."

The Importance of Reporting

Basic sales levels, not to mention the movement of phones, requires a lot of paperwork if you don't have a computerized cash register. After installing Cash Register Express, Liam discovered that paperwork for him and his store managers went down by many hours a week. One of their most commonly used reports in Cash Register Express, the Detailed Daily Report, gives them "a clear and accurate daily overview of every aspect of our sales performance, and in Retail Trading, that's exactly what makes a business successful." Another report, the top 25 items sold, "can be for any time frame - keeps us right on top of stock control, enabling our staff in all branches to constantly have on hand our most popular retail items, ensuring that our customers' needs are fulfilled immediately, instead of having to wait for popular stock to be reordered."

Quotes from managers:

"CRE gives ONE 2 ONE Cellular Ltd an excellent advantage in retail trading. Where we were once 'sailing blind' we now have every means at our fingertips to not only run a successful retail business, but keep in front and anticipate our moves in everything from staff, to sales, to stock."

"CRE has given One 2 One Cellular the efficiency we were looking for at a very reasonable price and it is now difficult to imagine conducting a business, such as ours, without it and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any business."



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