Jewelry & Cards

Parkers Jewelry is a retail store located in Nanuet, New York. The showcases in their store hold a sparkling collection of fine jewelry, including watches, earrings and even diamond engagement rings. Jewelry is often given as a present, and Parkers carries a full selection of greeting cards for all occasions. One quick stop in this busy store can give you the perfect gift for that special someone.

Not Just a Cash Register

The Rockland Plaza is a busy shopping center, stretching along the busiest road in the area. During rush hour traffic, Parker's Jewelry can have a healthy number of customers at the same time. A point-of-sale system that provides fast and accurate is what Parker's needed. According to owner Chris Parker, "Our old cash register wasn't cutting it! The biggest area that we needed speed improvement was with our greeting cards. If a card retails for $ 2.99, we may be selling it at half off. Even worse, when we run sales the prices change even more. Instead of figuring out the price, the cashier just has to scan the bar code." Cash Register Express automatically looks up the correct price. Special pricing allows sales to run between specified dates, and provides dozens of special pricing features. One scan of one bar code brings up the correct price, with no cashier intervention necessary.

Know Your Profits

A point of sale system does much more then a standard cash register. Using the reports in Cash Register Express, a store owner can generate figures that may have been elusive otherwise. "At the end of the day, I can see my profits," notes Chris. "It's a very simple thing, but it took a lot of paperwork to figure out before we got a point of sale system. On top of that, we ring up both cards and jewelry. I can see my sales figures for jewelry, for cards, or for the whole store combined. With my old cash registers, I didn't have an efficient way to do this. Generating the reports in CRE takes me less than two minutes."

It's Always in Stock

A cash register tells you how many dollars you sold. It may even split it up by category. However, a standard cash register can't tell you how many holiday cards you sold last year, and how many you should reorder this year. Cash Register Express can. Chris uses the Quantity Comparison report, which shows him what he sold last December versus what he has in stock now. "By looking at this report, I can see I sold 230 holiday cards. I know this year I should order 250 holiday cards; without this report, I may have ordered 400 and lost a lot of profit, or, I may have ordered 200 cards and not had enough." Reorder reports also show Chris what he is low on, and what he needs to order. "I can run the reorder report, and then place all of those items onto a purchase order. If you add up the time I used to have to spend to take inventory, calculate profits and reorder product, I'm saving hours per week with my point of sale system!"

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