Pizzeria and More 

Patricia's Pizza is located in a busy shopping center in the of town in Congers, New York. Italian dishes are prepared daily for lunch and dinner, and can be eaten there, picked up, or delivered piping hot to your home or office. Patti's also has delicious New York Style Pizza and is locally famed for their many different gourmet pizzas. Weekly coupons, redeemable at the point-of-sale, can be found on the Patti's web site, as can a full menu with pictures and prices.

Easy Turnover 

The menu at Patty's is extensive. Different sizes of pizzas with toppings, dozens of pasta dishes and subs, and numerous appetizers and side dishes are only a portion of the foods that customer can enjoy. Andrew Alonso, owner of Patricia's Pizza, notes that, "I have my price list in my head, but, I can't say the same for all of my employees. We've got dozens of items and it's a lot to remember." The Restaurant Pro Express point-of-sale system stores the price of every item on the menu, avoiding the possibility of a cashier ringing up the wrong price like they can on a normal cash register. The meals are organized in different categories to allow even a new cashier to find them easily. "If you touch the 'Baked Ziti' item in the 'Lunch Pasta' department, it automatically rings up at $ 5.95, every time. This gave us two advantages; the first is that lines move faster because cashiers never have to look up a price. The second is that they can't undercharge their friends; our items always ring up at the same price."


Lunch is the busiest time at Patricia's Pizza. Every day, the pizza chef prepares a selection of gourmet pizzas to feed hungry afternoon customers. According to Andrew, "We have a huge variety of specialty pies. Every day, there are seven or eight pies to choose from. We try to switch them around but also include some of our most popular pizzas." The reports of Restaurant Pro Express can display all of your items in the order of what sells best. Every item rung up at the point-of-sale automatically gets recorded in these figures. "White pizza, three cheese pizza and the New Yorker pie are some of my best sellers. My old cash register told me how many dollars we sold in a day. The point-of-sale tells me what those dollars were spent on, how my sales change over time and a lot more." 

Complete System 

A point-of-sale system in a pizzeria consists of a computer, a touch screen to place the orders, a receipt printer to print receipts, a  cash drawer to store the money and Restaurant Pro Express to ring up your customers. Andrew and his employees knew it would be a change from their cash register, but soon saw the advantages. "One of the most immediate differences you can see if the receipt. our cash register printed a few items, and for deliveries and take-out we had to hand write receipts so our customers know what they're getting." Restaurant Pro Express prints receipts that include the date, time, unique transaction number, restaurant name and address, a listing of each item purchased with price, and the grand totals. It even includes a section on the bottom to print up and coming specials. Andrew is happy. "The point-of-sale works great, everything looks great and I'd recommend any pizza place to upgrade from their cash register to Restaurant Pro Express."

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