A Look at the Hudson Valley Renegades...

The Renegades officially arrived in the Hudson Valley region of New York on November 30, 1993. Before the end of 1993, nearly 700 orders for season tickets had already been processed. In their first game, Dutchess Stadium opened to a full house as 4,290 fans saw the Renegades defeat the Pittsfield Mets 2-1 in 11 innings. Over the first eight seasons, 225 of its 300 games sold out. The Renegades have sold over 1,800 season tickets each season. Described by attendees as "great family entertainment", "fun and affordable, " and "a relaxing night out with family and friends", the Renegades never cease to draw a crowd.


 Home Run...to the Gift Shop

Bottom of the 9th. One man on base. Tie game. Here's the pitch...a strong hit from the Renegade at bat...going...GOING...GONE! Renegades win again! HOME RUN...and a run toward the gift shop. According to Renegades gift shop operator Kathy Butsko, "When it's busy, it's busy! During most of the game there's only a few people in the gift shop. Once the game ends, you can hardly move around! Moving the lines fast is a necessity, not a luxury. We needed a point-of-sale system to keep up with the crowds."

Combining the on-screen hot keys and the visual interface of Cash Register Express with built-in bar code scanning, keeping up is an understatement. The most common functions can be done with the push of a button.  Less used functions take only two or three.  Before computerizing, Kathy "couldn't imagine that saving ten seconds for each customer would make such a difference. Our lines moved much faster."


 Don't Worry, I Have Enough for All of You!

37 pennants. 16 bats, twice as many baseballs. 41 Renegades bears, 31 of them red, the remaining 10 green. Countless other souvenirs. All sold in under an hour. Kathy knows what sells best in her store, but "computerizing with Cash Register Express really saves me time. Ordering merchandise is now a five minute process, not three hours like it used to be. We need to be on top of stocking our shelves. Between the purchase orders, inventory tracking and sales forecasting features of CRE, we can always make sure that each little girl can have a red bear -- the boys prefer the green ones."


 Shut Out the Competition

The Renegades have had their share of shutouts. According to Kathy, PC America joined the club. "Of course I was exploring my options. The software is very important but so is the service. PC America educated me on each component of the system, they taught me what each piece did and why I needed it. Their knowledge and experience, coupled with a great software package, made me confident in my choice of system."


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