A Stogie for You

Located on the famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California, Stogies is a cigar lover's dream. Their collections hold dozens of varieties of uniquely flavored, hand rolled cigars. Stogie's is a one stop shop for cigar smokers, offering cutters, cases, humidors, lighters, ashtrays and other accessories.


Customer Loyalty 

A satisfied customer is likely to come back and buy again. A satisfied customer with a coupon, membership card and birthday bonus is almost guaranteed. Owner Mark Stone loves the customer loyalty features of Cash Register Express. According to him, "I'm more than happy to give out a coupon here, a discount there, a few dollars off on somebody's birthday. The customers love the bonuses and usually wind up buying a few more cigars while they're here."



Stogies' has a loyal following. Fisherman's Wharf never fails to draw a large crowd. With such a combination, it's no surprise that Stogie's has their busy days. According to Mark, When the lines are forming, "it gets crazy in here. My cashiers don't have time to lookup that the Colonels are buy four get one free or that the Schooner's go on sale on Fridays from 3 PM - 5 PM. When a cashier scans the cigars, the prices are automatically calculated based on the item, the time and the customer's discount."


Flexible reporting

Staying well stocked is important to Stogies. Every cigar in the store is the favorite of at least one customer. Cash Register Express makes it easy to know what you sold, what is on your shelves, what is on order and how fast each of your items moves. Mark finds "the reporting in CRE to be very flexible. And very thorough. My customers love the large selection I carry. I can easily generate the figures I need to make sure that no shelf is empty. The reason these reports are so crucial is that I can't get inventory shipped overnight like most stores. Each cigar is hand rolled and takes time to make." Laughing, Mark adds "Some cigars age for five years, you can imagine the lead time on those!"


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