A World of Gifts

Worldly Gifts is a trendy gift shop located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. Their collection of gifts has something for everyone, allowing you to shop for your kids, friends, parents -- and even pets! -- all in the same store. The shop has a large collection of jewelry, toys, gourmet bath products, mirrors, decorations to hang in the house, and much more. Even when the store is crowded, every customers gets a warm greeting and personal attention to help them pick the right gift.

It's a Fast Paced City

Manhattan has lots of pedestrian traffic. Worldly Gifts is rarely empty, as people like to give gifts and show their feelings year round. Their best time of year is the holiday season, with a long line showing that Worldly Gifts is a popular place to shop for presents. According to owner Ed Collier, "Before computerizing, we were using a manual cash register. It took a lot of time to type in each price, figure out sale prices, and write down customer information. Most New Yorkers are in a rush, and I needed something faster. Computerizing has really sped my lines up."

Follow the Trends

New York City is a trendy place, where styles can change overnight. Ed's partner, Adam, recalls that "Before computerizing, we never really knew what sold when. I could see that we sold a lot of jewelry, but didn't know which colors were selling best. Our shoppers are trendy, and we need to carry what's in style so they can find the special something they're looking for." Cash Register Express keeps track of every item you sell and when you sold it. Reports can be generated to show you best sellers, and see how that item is selling over short and long periods of time. "CRE has really helped us stock our shelves the right way. Daily reports show me what I sold today. I can use the weekly and monthly reports to see that green colors in jewelry are on the way out, and red is becoming the color of choice."

Ready Information

Worldly Gifts carries a variety of merchandise. Running sales on some items, while charging normal price for others, can certainly cause confusion during checkout. "If we're selling jewelry at 10% off, two candles for the price of one, and 25% off of holiday decorations, it isn't always easy to remember which discount to give to which item, " notes Ed. Using CRE's 'Global Special Pricing' module, entire categories (such as jewelry, drinks or children's books) can be put on sale with a few key strokes. This is much easier than going to 125 different items and putting each on sale individually. "That's another reason why Cash Register Express is great. I can set up my sales in the system so once I scan a piece of jewelry, the sale price comes up immediately. I don't have to figure it out while the customer waits. Sometimes I wonder how I did this before.

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