Customer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a fast and friendly

way to select the customer for the current

transaction. A quick swipe or

scan will look the customer up in a

split second; the cashier or server will

be alerted if they have any bonuses.

Loyalty cards and key chain cards are

a physical reminder of your business

  •           that your customer carries with them.
  • Sample loyalty card for a coffee shop.

  • Customers like to feel appreciated.

  • Give your customers small rewards and they’ll shop or dine

  • with you more often.

  • Our built-in customer loyalty features do the work for you;

  • all you need to do is tell the system what sort of bonuses

  • and discounts to offer your customers. The register will

  • track everything for you and automatically give your customer

  • the reward.

  • A few examples include

  • * Free meal or item on your birthday

  • * Spend $ 100 get a free $ 10 gift card

  • * Come back within 3 days and get 10% off

  • * 15% off every purchase of $ 15 or more

  • * Almost any other incentive you can think of

  • Reward your customers and they will reward you back with

  • more business. Your reward doesn’t stop there; every

  • happy customer will tell a few of your friends about their

  • business, resulting in more customers and more business
  • Gift Cards

    Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express accept Gift Cards and Refillable

    Cash Cards?

    Gift Cards and Refillable Cash Cards look like and feel like a credit card. They have

    your store name and logo on it along with a unique customer number on it (similar

    to a credit card number). You can purchase these cards for less than $1 each.

    Your customers purchase the cards from your store in $5, $10, $25, or any dollar

    amount you choose. You sell the card as you would sell any other item in your store.

    Your customer can come in at any time and refill the card. Your computer keeps

    track of the amount of money still available to the customer.

    Using the card is easy. You can use the same card swipe reader used for a credit

    card. When your customer makes a purchase, you swipe the card and the amount is

    deducted from the customer's account.

    The advantages to you...

    Customer loyalty. Your customer can only use the card at your store.

    Great replacement for gift certificates. Instead of having to handle gift certificates,

    your customers can give out loyalty cards. They are more flexible and easier to use

    than a gift certificate.

    Speed of checkout. Many stores sell these cards to speed up checkout. For example,

    a chain of coffee shops use the loyalty cards to speed up checkout. A customer

    purchases a $25 card, for example. Every time the customer comes in for coffee and

    a donut, the card is quickly swiped and the customer is done. No waiting for your

    customer to come up with change. No change to return to the customer.

    Everything is tracked using the customer number on the card. Whenever your

    customer makes a purchase, he receives a receipt letting him know his card balance.

    Customer Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards work. Ask Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Design & Print your Gift,

    Loyalty or Access Cards

    We At Tuniss Computer Design and Print your Gift or Loyalty Cards for you.

    • No Minimum Amount to Order We Accept Orders As Low as 5 Cards.

    • Free Card Design ( Send us your Logo ) and We do the Rest,  (No Logo No Problem) We Come up with one for you.

    • Free Magnet Strip or Bar Code Encoding for your Cards.

    * Call us or Send us an Email to order.



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